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Digital Diplomacy: International Relations in the Digital Age

The technological developments of modern times such as fake news, artificial intelligence, hacking and many more, might possibly destabilize the world, change the existing geopolitical hierarchies and overturn the world order. These emerging technologies present a challenge to diplomats and therefore a chance to improve the diplomatic field by making it even more smart, secure, and connected.

This is why diplomats of all levels, from junior to ambassadorial, students and trainees should take a look at the “Digital Diplomacy: International Relations in the Digital Age” course in order to operate more efficiently in cyberspace, by developing theoretical and practical abilities.

This course is offered by the Global Diplomatic Forum and has as its objective to assist participants in analyzing the current cybersecurity landscape and, as a result, obtaining useful insight into how diplomacy should respond to the newest cybersecurity challenges.

The 4-week course is taught in English by the lecturers: Corneliu Bjola, Paul Timmers, Jennifer Cassidy and Dr Maha Hosain Aziz. Upon completion, participants have the chance to earn a certificate.

Global Diplomatic Forum
4 weeks