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Digitalization in International Relations

Digital technology is transforming international relations, diplomacy, and foreign policy, which is why it is important to learn about these shifts. The “Digitalization in International Relations” course covers four different elements of digitalization in international relations: digital diplomacy, big data and data diplomacy, global internet governance, and digital electoral technology. These elements have important implications for diplomacy, international politics, and, in general, our personal, daily lives.

Since digital diplomacy makes use of social media in order to advocate for policy changes, lobby politicians, influence international audiences, and advocate for policy changes it has emerged as the most successful component of modern diplomacy that needs to be investigated extensively. On the other hand, big data and data diplomacy refer to a variety of approaches for analyzing social networks and incorporating artificial intelligence to address foreign policy concerns. It is evident that the electoral technologies are a fast-evolving field with both national and international implications. The processes around electronic or digital elections, which show major concerns connected to foreign actors’ impact on national elections, are included in digital technology and need to be addressed by prospective professionals interested in these fields.

This online course offered by the Saint Petersburg State University aims to help participants learn to use big data analysis, techniques of social media analysis, develop a digital campaign plan, run legal and technological components of global internet governance in diplomatic relations, and discover weaknesses and risks in the field of digital voting.
The course is available in English language and is taught by the following four professors: Grigory Yarygin, Natalia Tsvetkova, Anna Sytnik and Ilona Stadnik. Upon completion of the 16-hour course, participants have the ability to earn a certificate.

Saint Petersburg State University
16 weeks