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Global Diplomacy – Diplomacy in the Modern World

Diplomacy covers all interactions between sovereign bodies, their representatives, and their citizens in the interests of the sovereign and the greater good of peace and stability. Global diplomacy, on the other hand, is supposed to be developed and played by global players, including global institutional frameworks, since it has a global character. The challenges of diplomacy in the 21st century have been vast, however, forming a critical and personal assessment of the current changes is a major step towards positive change. This is why, individuals interested in these topics can further their knowledge with the course “Global Diplomacy – Diplomacy in the Modern World”.

This online course is offered by The University of London and the SOAS University of London. This is an ideal topic for anyone interested in the way diplomacy has grown and changed throughout the years in order to become what it is today. Young diplomats, experienced diplomats, International Relations students, and politicians will benefit by learning more about these topics, however, as diplomacy is an everyday skill, it might be interesting to many.

Furthermore, those that finish this course will be rewarded with deep knowledge of the diplomatic practices and their transformation throughout the years, as well as the problems which are existing or might be emerging. Most importantly, students will have a solid foundation in both conceptual and empirical methods to diplomacy debates, which means they will be familiar with the concepts and skills required to analyze global diplomacy.

The course which is available in numerous languages is taught by Dr J. Simon Rofe and takes approximately 13 hours until successful completion.

SOAS University of London
13 hours