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Migration and Cities

In the history of urban development, migration has always played a crucial role. Cities would not flourish or grow without some sort of inbound migration, whether international or domestic. The way the world has been shaped in current modern times is related to the way the cities were developed. This is the main reason why it is crucial that this topic should be further explored by everyone interested in current politics and international relations. It has become critical to understand the role of migration in the creation of modern, industrial cities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as a variety of present urban concerns including employment, housing, public space, and local governance. The “Migration and Cities” course has been developed in order to raise awareness on these topics.

This course is offered by The European University Institute (EUI) and has the goal to help participants understand the relationship among migrants, cities and their integration in the society.

This 3-week course takes approximately 3 hours per week to be finished and is taught by instructors Nick Dines and Anna Triandafyllidou.

Robert Schuman Centre
9 hours