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Political Geography

Political geography is a branch of geography that studies the geographical elements of politics. Physical force, cultural standards, legal rights, and opposition to dominant manifestations of power are all recognized as elements of power in political geography. This is why those interested in the field of international relations can benefit by successfully completing an introductory course such as the “Political Geography”course.

The Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) University designed this course for everyone involved in international relations, area studies, history, political science, economics, and law.

States, supranational bodies, geopolitical structures, regions, borders and customs, capitals, dependent, and internationally managed areas are all covered in this course. Political geography provides basic theoretical concepts that shed light on the complexities of international and domestic politics. Participants will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of the structure and features of a current world political map, territorial dimensions of global affairs and world politics, geopolitical organization of states, political geography ideas and methodologies.

This 4-week course takes about 16 hours to complete. It is available in English and is taught by the instructor Igor Okunev.

16 hours