10 Podcasts for International Relations Professionals

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Podcasts are an excellent tool to acquire more knowledge and get in touch with the latest developments on topics of international relations. We have compiled a list of great international relations podcasts that can easily be found in a number of online platforms.

#1 Arms Control Wonk

Arms Control Wonk hosted by Jeffrey Lewis, Anne Pellegrino, and Aaron Stein explores topics concerning nuclear weapons, disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation. In this podcast you will get the chance to delve into matters of international security such as weapons of mass destruction, existing arms control regimes along with the dynamics between state relations regarding their stance on such matters. The hosts and their guests, experts on the topics, reveal insightful information on the latest development on countries’ national security measures that produce an impact on global security.

#2 The Diplomat

The Diplomat is hosted by Ankit Panda, an international security expert covering the latest developments in the Asia-Pacific region. Topics include a wide variety of global security issues and the weekly episodes provide analytical perspectives on a variety of topics ranging from China’s new national security law, civil-military relations in India to issues of international cyber-espionage. The podcast features experts from the region but not exclusively, to discuss such topics on a technical level with a deconstructing approach.

#3 The President’s Inbox

This podcast is produced by the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonprofit think tank with expertise on U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. The President’s Inbox is hosted by Robert McMahon and James M. Lindsay and the lined-up episodes explore and analyze foreign policy challenges that the United States faces. The podcast features academics and foreign policy practitioners who offer their insights along with their expertise and experience on crucial contemporary U.S. foreign affairs issues while delving into substantial arguments regarding the course of action the U.S. should take on an international level in regard to recent developments.

#4 The Truth of the Matter

This podcast is produced by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank dedicated to addressing the world’s greatest challenges. The Truth of the Matter is hosted by Andrew Schwartz and the episodes inspect current global events through clear analysis based on factual evidence and concise discussions. The podcast features fellows at CSIS along with experts on topics of global migration, climate change, issues of international security and a wide range of U.S. security and foreign affairs issues.

#5 The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast is a fairly well-established international relations podcast offered by the Brookings Institution, an American research group specializing in economics, governance, global economy and foreign policy. Hosted by Benjamin Wittes, a legal journalist and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, the episodes explore the latest foreign affairs developments within the sphere of law and jurisdictions. The podcast features scholars, academics, policymakers and journalists providing their input on matters of legal challenges along with topics of international security threats and developments regarding U.S. foreign affairs.

#6 Global Dispatches — World News That Matters

Global Dispatches — World News That Matters as the longest running independent international affairs podcast is a global affairs podcast exploring international relations along with global news and developments. This podcast is hosted by Mark Leon Goldberg, editor of the United Nations and global affairs blog UN Dispatch and the guests include journalists, policymakers, pioneers in fields of international relations along with experts on world affairs trends. Oftentimes, the episodes highlight undercover global issues and provide insightful views and perspectives as such through informed discussions.

#7 Pod Save the World

This weekly podcast is hosted by the former Obama aide Tommy Vietor along with Ben Rhodes, former U.S. deputy national security adviser. Pod Save the World delves into the latest foreign policy development and international news through an insightful and enriching inside perspective on the inner workings of the U.S. executive branch. The guests offer a behind-the-scenes view of recent global development along with lighthearted conversations that quickly turn substantial through careful and critical analysis of the U.S. foreign policy decision-making processes.

#8 Bombshell

Bombshell is a bi-weekly podcast brought to you by War on the Rocks, a platform for commentary, analysis and debate on national security and foreign policy issues. This podcast is quite distinctive as analytically sharp conversations are intertwined with witty commentary. All hosts are women, experts in areas of international security, arms races and weapons of mass destruction, dissecting contemporary policy crises and future security challenges, serving as great ambassadors for women working in the field of foreign affairs.

#9 The Asia Chessboard

The Asia Chessboard is produced by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank dedicated to addressing the world’s greatest challenges. This podcast offers in-depth discussions with experts in issues concerning international affairs in Asia. Hosted by Michael Green, CSIS Senior Vice President for Asia and former senior national security official, the episodes dissect the historical background that impacts the decision-making process in developments within the region. Green and the featured high-profile guests provide discerning views on the drivers of U.S. foreign policy.

#10 The AFA Podcast

The AFA podcast provides new ground for an insight on the complex foreign affairs challenges in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. This podcast is hosted by Jonathan Pearlman, editor of Australian Foreign Affairs and the guests include high profile experts, foreign policy analysts, politicians, award-winning journalists and academics. The episodes spotlight the latest developments in the regions through clear analysis, enriching debates and in-depth conversations.