Top 10 Podcasts on Global Politics

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The digital world is getting cluttered, which is why it can be hard to ascertain which media sources contain the most credible data. Podcasts have become an excellent tool for learning more about themes in international affairs and global politics. Because of this, we have decided to compile the following list in order to recommend and help our readers choose. These podcasts feature a range of opinions from academics, politicians, reporters, and other individuals on the topics of global politics, international relations, history and current political events.

Harvard Center for International Development

The Harvard University Center for International Development (CID) is a university-wide institute that strives to improve awareness of development concerns and provide feasible solutions to global issues like poverty. CID is Harvard’s primary research center devoted to tackling public policy issues related to establishing secure, equitable, and long-term growth in developing nations. Their persistent objective is to apply expertise to development practice and improve it. Some examples of famous podcast series include: “Building Resilience through Embodying the Mission of Education”, “Why Feminist Funding is Crucial for Development”, “A New Approach to Education in Pakistan: Helping Schools Help Themselves”, “The Causes and Consequences of Brexit with Andrew Mitchell” and “Inclusive Employment for South African Youth: Lessons from Harambee”

Wordly – Vox Media

Each Thursday, senior writer Zack Beauchamp and senior international editor Jennifer Williams provide the background and perspective that listeners need in order to understand and interpret the world. Vox’s podcasts provide a selection of episodes which contain discussions between profound intellectuals based on their opinions on contemporary global politics. Humans exist in perplexing times, with daily news and events that might be difficult to follow or fully comprehend. Some topics that might interest listeners are: “France, Islam, and free speech”, “The world’s great powers”, “The future of the US-Saudi relationship”, “The big picture of the Israel-Gaza war”, “Trouble in Tunisia”, “A new “cold war”?”, “How the world sees the George Floyd protests”, “The surprising success of Covid-19 travel bans” and many more.

War on the Rocks – Ryan Evans

This podcast by Ryan Evans is composed of topics that might interest a wide range of professionals, especially those that are in the fields of international relations, international security, national or international defense and global politics. Additionally, it contains talks involving security, defense, and foreign policy specialists over drinks and from the prism of realistic theory. Some examples of episodes are: “Oh My, AI” starring Eric Schmidt (Google) and Bob Work (Deputy Secretary of Defense), “A Conversation with Sen. Tom Udall about War Powers”, “The Sense in Syria’s Senselessness”, “The 100th Episode: Is a Major War Coming?”, “South Asia meets East Asia” and “Naval and Maritime Strategy”.

War College / Angry PlanetReuters

This podcast by Reuters which is led by its creators Matthew Gault and Jason Fields and guests discusses contemporary news and world challenges. Containing diverse topics, the podcast provides listeners with a thorough study and discussion of international and national affairs. Some episodes that might be interesting to prospective listeners are: “Fragility, War, Genocide and Climate Change” – discussed with Stanford professor Marshall Burke, “Why People Online Defend the Uighur Genocide” – covering the topic of genocide and misinformation, “A War for the Former Soviet Union” in which William Courtney (the former ambassador to Kazakhstan) debates Russian international relations, “How Assad Clings to Power” which includes the topic of Syrian civil war, “The Entire History of Russia in One Hour”, “The Difference Between Obedience and Deference” and “The Robot Revolution Is Already Here”.

The Phileas Club – Frenchspin

The Phileas Club is a show about people from a variety of cultures and viewpoints coming together to discuss their differences. Individuals from all over the world share what has been making headlines in their countries, both locally and globally. There are heated debates and ridiculous conversations on topics such as: “The Brexit Saga”, “The situation in Armenia”, “The Power of The Internet”, “Discussing Russia and Belarus”, “France, Italy and Malaysia walk into a podcast”, “Life in Kenya”, “COVID is Back”, “Checking in with the US” as well as many more.

History Talk – Ohio State

This podcast by Ohio State offers listeners the opportunity to learn historical events through contemporary lens. It might be very useful to International Relations, Political Science or History students or graduates which would like to learn more about these important topics and the history behind them. The following are a few examples of episodes which are a part of the podcast: “The Global History of HIV”, “Ideas of Race and Racism in History”, “Cultural Diplomacy and the Global Cold War”, “China and Africa: Historical Perspectives on a Rising Power”, “Migration and Mobility: Yesterday and Today”, “Medieval Women’s Rights: Setting the Stage for Today”, “Pandemics: Past, Present, Future”, “Caged: Humans and Animals at the Zoo”, “The Equal Rights Amendment: Then and Now” and “The Syrian Civil War: Alawites, Women’s Rights, and the Arab Spring”.

World News That Matters – Global Dispatches

The world’s longest-running global affairs podcast provides thorough discussions with politicians, reporters, and academics from all over the globe who cover international news, international relations, global development, and significant global trends. Global Dispatches, dubbed “a podcast to make you wiser” by The Guardian, is a podcast for anyone who would like to learn more about international news. This might be one of the only podcasts which includes topics such as: “Bosnia is on the Brink of Political Disintegration”, “Kazakhstan Protests: Why They Started And What Comes Next”, “The United Nations Year in Review”, “Is Myanmar Sliding Towards a Civil War?”, “Humanity Gets A Malaria Vaccine!” and many more.

Media Roots Radio – Abby & Robbie Martin

Since 2010, Abby Martin and Robbie Martin, siblings and journalists, have been hosting Media Roots Radio – a politics podcast that tackles and criticizes US international affairs, partisan politics, and what citizens could be doing to fight for their rights. Media Roots is different to the rest of programs with a related narrative because it is interactive, provocative, emotional, and frank. For example, there is an abundance of topics that cover their opinion on America’s role as a superpower such as: “America is Destroying Planet Earth” – debating Pentagon’s institutional pollution and contribution to climate change, 9/11 conspiracy theories, UFO sightings and Pentagon’s announcement, American fear of China, Masonry and many other controversial topics. Even though many would find these matters provocative, it might be interesting to some to hear the siblings’ discourse.

Geopolitics & Empire – Podcast

The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast features conversations with famous guests on geopolitics and international relations in hopes of understanding more about the underlying nature of contemporary events through academics from both the conservative and liberal side. It includes (potentially controversial) topics such as: “Paolo Sorbello: Kazakhstan Protests Sparked by Inequality, Inflation, & Lack of Representation”, “Edward Curtin: There is a Direct Link Between JFK, 9/11 & Covid-19”, “José Niño: U.S. Border Security, Afghan-Haitian Refugees, & Migration as a Weapon of Globalism”, “Lawrence Freeman: Financial Elites Still Control Africa, Sovereignty & Infrastructure Needed”, “Patrick Fagan: Will “Vaccine Passports” Usher In a Permanent Dystopia?” and a lot more.


The planet as people know it is changing at a fast unpredictable pace. WorldAffairs, is one of the best sources for global politics from across the world. They provide listeners with the information they will need to extend boundaries and beliefs. They deconstruct what it implies being a citizen of the world on a heated, populated earth using quality storytelling and in-depth discussions. One episode at a time, the presenters Ray Suarez, Teresa Cotsirilos, and Philip Yun enable a better understanding of an imperfect world. Some episodes that might catch listeners attention might be: “Tracing the Peace Line in Northern Ireland”, “Is the United Nations Still Relevant?”, “Sustainable Development in a Post-Covid World”, “Canada’s Fight for Truth and Reconciliation”, “NATO’s Cyber Threats”, “Ukraine, Pt. 1: A Young Country With An Old History”, “Israel and Palestine: Will the Ceasefire Last?”, “Where Will Afghanistan’s Refugees Go?” and “The Secret Meeting that Transformed the World Economy”.