International Relations Jobs: Employers in Canada

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As an international relations professional, you may be wondering what kinds of employers are out there in Canada. Here is a list of some common employers of IR professionals in Canada:

Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada is the department of the Government of Canada working on consular and diplomatic relations, leads the country’s international development and humanitarian assistance, as well as encourages Canadian international trade.

They work in a complex global environment to shape, define and advance Canada’s values and interests and contribute to the development of international law and national security. Global Affairs Canada employs a network of professionals working across Canada and globally contributing to the country’s place in the world. They provide job opportunities that are global in scale.


CANADEM is an international NGO that was established in 1996 by the Canadian government to strengthen the activities of international organizations, with focus on the UN, OSCE, and all other inter-governmental agencies and NGOs working to advance the universal principles of the UN Charter.

CANADEM is dedicated to advancing international security and peace through rapid mobilization, rostering, and mission management of professionals and experts committed to international service with the UN and other international agencies, IGOs, NGOs, and governments. They recruit and deploy experts to work on the field and make a crucial contribution under challenging circumstances.

Canadian International Council

Canadian International Council (CIC) is a Canadian independent think tank on foreign relations. They were established to strengthen the country’s role in international affairs and advance debate on internationals issues.

CIC represents an open forum where diverse viewpoints and opinions can be expressed. They engage across Canadian provinces to discuss pressing international affairs issues with all actors and conduct a research program that produces material on priority areas of the country’s foreign policy. CIC hires professionals in different areas such as research, operations and editing. They also offer learning and professional development opportunities for future Canadian foreign policy leaders.

Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Canadian Global Affairs Institute was established in 2001 and based in Calgary and Ottawa. They are considered to be Canada’s most credible source of expertise on global affairs.

They work to identify global interests of Canada and promote an effective international involvement through strategic policy analysis. They also comment and publish extensively on the topics of diplomacy, trade, defense, resources, and development. Canadian Global Affairs institute employs researchers, advisors and fellows who work to spark impassioned discussions and debates across Canada to help citizens to understand the role of their country on the world stage.

Centre for International Governance Innovation

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is a think tank working on issues of global governance through generating ideas for multilateral governance improvements, research, networking, and advancing policy debate.

CIGI conducts research and analysis to influence policy makers to innovate. Their global network of strategic partnerships and multidisciplinary researchers provide policy solutions for the digital era with a goal of improving people’s lives everywhere. CIGI employs researchers and analysts, as well as professionals in the areas of communications, IT, digital and multimedia management.

CUSO International

CUSO International is an international development organization working to connect communities across the globe with skilled Canadians to help end inequality and poverty.

Their work is focused on building improving economic opportunities, building inclusive societies for girls and women, increasing access to education and enhancing health of girls and women. CUSO International is an equal opportunity employer and they encourage applications from all qualified applicants for the open positions.

The Mackenzie Institute

The Mackenzie Institute is a Canadian based public policy institute for research and pragmatic approach to security matters that affect both domestic and global audiences.

They work with researchers worldwide to emphasize a world view on the various topics they cover, such as political and social stability, terrorism, organized violence, and security. There are many ways to get involved with The Mackenzie Institute, form interning to volunteering, to working for them. They also welcome the submission of articles on topics of broad significance to the Canadian society. The topics are listed on their website.

The Mowat Centre-Munk School of Global Affairs

The Mowat Centre is an independent public policy think tank located at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto.

They conduct applied policy research, propose research driven recommendations, and participate in public dialogues that concern the country’s most important national issues. Their policy areas of expertise are intergovernmental economic and social policy, state transformation, energy policy and not-for-profit policy. The Mowat Centre employs leaders, analysts, communications professionals, and administrative staff who collaborate and conduct Mowat research, reports, and opinions.

International Development Research Centre

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) was founded in 1970 by the Parliament of Canada as a part of the country’s development and foreign affairs efforts. Their HQ is in Ottawa, Canada, but they also maintain offices in Uruguay, Kenya, Senegal, Jordan, and India.

IDRC works to fund research and innovation within developing countries to drive global change. They also conduct research to find solutions to problems of developing regions and to find the means to apply scientific and technical knowledge to the social and economic advancement of those regions. IDRC employs professionals who share passion for international development research, and they look for look for staff who truly believe that knowledge and innovation can respond to the world’s development challenges.

Balsillie School of International Affairs

The Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) was founded on the basis of a collaborative partnership between two universities- University of Waterloo and Wilfried Laurier University- and the public policy think tank Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).

BSIA is an institute for education, research, and outreach in the areas of global governance and international public policy. They represent a hub in a global network of scholars, students and practitioners who develop solutions to critical problems of humanity, improve global governance and enhance the quality of life of people everywhere. BSIA employs professionals, scholars, researchers and analysts in the areas of public policy and global governance.