International Relations Jobs: Employers in Spain

Disclosure: International Relations Careers may be compensated by course providers.

If you’re looking for an international relations job in Spain, you’ll find that there are plenty of employers to choose from. Here are some of the most popular entities and organizations that offer positions in this field:

European CommissionJoint Research Centre

The European Commission is the European Union’s executive branch. The JRC unit in Seville collaborates with European Commission institutions in order to offer social, economic and technical assistance on the development, execution, and evaluation of EU policies. It began as a small group of researchers in 1994 and has grown to become the JRC’s second largest unit. Financial experts, technicians, software engineers, and social scientists are the most common profiles among the 400 employees specializing in the fields of: circular economy and industrial governance, digitalisation, agricultural economics, climate change economy, energy and transportation, fiscal policy analysis, human resources and work opportunities, and regional development.

British Council

The British Council is the world’s oldest cultural relations organization, having been created in 1934 and established its first offshore branches in 1938. Promoting culture and arts, education, and the English language, the British Council fosters relationships, cooperation, and tolerance among people in the UK as well as other nations. They operate in two ways: individually with people to improve their lives, and indirectly involving authorities and organizations to create a larger impact over time, benefiting millions of people around the world. In respect of bilingualism, biculturalism, and high-quality education, the British Council School, the British Council’s college in Madrid and the first British institution in Spain, is a prototype.

Individuals may make international work an aspect of their professional life if they participate in a business, territorial, or cultural engagement function. Whatever post they have, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers from all over the world, as well as specialists in each location who will assist them in their career development.

Oficina Regional para Europa de la ACNUDH

The OHCHR Regional Office for Europe (ROE) includes Spain, and its principal mission is to improve human rights in the European Union (EU) using technical support, activism, and human rights reports relying on UN human rights institutions’ guidelines. The office uses the steam produced by the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda in order to tackle human rights inadequacies in EU legislation, budgets, and governance.

The United Nations employs many types of personnel. There are multiple levels within each classification, which represent increasing degrees of duties and obligations.

El Instituto de las Mujeres (IMs)

The Institute of Women, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality, works to develop an environment which allows women to fully participate in legislative, cultural, financial, and social activities. Its initiatives, organized under a succession of Equality Plans, strive to eliminate gender inequalities and guarantee that women are no longer mistreated by society. It was founded in October 1983 by the first socialist  administration of the contemporary democratic era.
The Institute frequently posts public job openings that may be of interest to persons who want to learn more about the legal, social, economic, educational, cultural, and health issues that women face in Spain, as well as increase awareness about gender equality.

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Unión Europea y Cooperación

Under the Government’s instructions and the idea of foreign operation uniformity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation prepares, organizes, executes, and evaluates Spain’s foreign policy and development cooperation strategy. It is also in charge of promoting international economic, cultural, and academic relations, as well as contributing to the formulation and implementation of policy on immigration, boosting cross-border and interterritorial cooperation, providing protection to Spanish citizens internationally by arranging, negotiating, and handling treaty obligations.

Working or interning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs might benefit international relations professionals, since it offers a wide range of opportunities to learn and master the diplomatic sphere. Additionally, the Ministry often publishes job opportunities in international organizations and in the European Union.

Instituto Cervantes

The Cervantes Institute is a nonprofit organization designed by the Spanish government to promote the education of Spanish culture and language. The Instituto Cervantes in its article, Spanish in the World 2019  revealed that 580 million individuals (7.6% of the global total) speak Spanish. Working at the Institute might be very beneficial for those who would like to broaden their knowledge on the Spanish culture and language, while at the same time operating in the field of international relations, technology, translation, administration, economics, law etc.

Amnistía Internacional España 

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization dedicated to human rights that has over ten million participants worldwide. The organization raises awareness about human rights violations and pushes for international laws and norms to be upheld. Its goal is to rally public perception in order to put pressure on governments that mistreat their citizens. Joining a worldwide team devoted to creating a racial and gender-equal, multicultural, and inclusive workplace might be of interest to those who strive to make the world a better place for all. Open positions in the spheres of technology, education, administration, international law and international relations are regularly posted on their website.


Lasker is a public affairs, international relations and digital services strategic consulting company. External consultants and associates supplement their operational capabilities in Spain and the European Union (Brussels), including in certain areas of expertise according to the demands of each initiative. Experts collaborate on a national and European level to provide customized, extensive, and adaptable proposals which focus on quality and effectiveness.

Being part of a consulting company such as Lasker might be a great opportunity for international relations professionals, especially since it implements and mixes foreign affairs with digital services. The company’s job openings can be found on numerous career websites, and professionals in the fields of international relations, management and digital advertising are encouraged to apply.

Real Instituto Elcano

The Elcano Royal Institute is a think tank based in Madrid which strives to find creative, powerful, democratic, and knowledgeable approaches to international challenges and governance, as well as to examine Spain’s status in the globe, with a focus on its place in Europe. The goal is to present views that foster and improve sustainability, peacebuilding, wealth, democracy, freedom, human rights, and gender equality. Working at the Elcano Royal Institute might sound appealing to those who are interested in building their knowledge in international challenges and issues. Not only that new job posts frequently are posted on their website, but they also provide internship opportunities for master’s students and final-year bachelors.

CIDOB Barcelona Centre for International Affairs

The CIDOB Foundation is Spain’s oldest think tank and research center for international relations. CIDOB has over 30 years of expertise in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Latin America, as well as other partnerships. The CIDOB Foundation is globally recognized for its analysis on subjects such as human security, immigration and security sector reform. The personnel have backgrounds in reproductive health, development, implementation, and health systems. Individuals with knowledge in business development, experience in management and international relations (especially in conflict areas) might be interested in becoming a part of this research center.