Top 5 Online Courses on US-China Relations

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Since 1949, the US-China relationship has been confronting many challenges and has experienced conflicts and cooperation over issues such as climate change, economics, politics, trade, and Taiwan. However, over the past decades, optimistic forces, beliefs, and interests have facilitated bilateral ties, but now unwelcome pessimism, hostility, and a zero-sum mentality prevail between the two Great Powers. If you are interested in international relations and want to have a grasp on the most complex bilateral relationship, learn about US-China relations. An easy way would be taking a crash course. Here we have jotted down the list of the top 5 online courses in US-China relations that will help you have an in-depth knowledge of this bilateral tie. The nice thing is you can take the courses online from anywhere in the world. Without further ado, let’s get started.

List of the Top 7 Online Courses in US-China Relations

Here is the list of the best online courses. Have a look below.

  1. US-China Relations: Past, Present, and Future
  2. International Relations: China, Russia, the US, and the Future of Geopolitics
  3. Chinese Politics part 1
  4. Introduction to US-China Relation
  5. America through Foreign Eyes

Overview: Top 7 Online Courses in US-China Relations

1. US-China Relations: Past, Present, and Future by National University of Singapore

This edX course aims to provide a detailed understanding of the behavioral patterns of the US and China. Since this online course focuses on political, social, military, and other dimensions of the geopolitical contests between the US and China, the student will understand this contest’s historical and political causes. Moreover, it highlights the strategic perspectives of both countries to prevent major misunderstandings leading to this contest.

Whether it’s foreign affairs, trade, or economic relations, you will thoroughly understand US-China bilateral relationships. Not only this, but also this course covers the latest current affairs like trade and technology wars between two countries, how China is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what recent issues have emerged in the Trump government.

The instructor of this course is a renowned Singaporean diplomat and academician, Kishore Mahbubani, who has written the book “Has China Won?” which is very interesting.

This course is available for free; however, an optional upgrade is available by which you can earn the certificate. This course lasts 4 weeks with 2-3 hours per week. You can join and continue this course at your own speed. If you have a basic command of international relations, you are a perfect candidate for this course.

2. International Relations: China, Russia, the US, and the Future of Geopolitics

With the increase in US-China conflicts, a dramatic shift is seen in international politics, resulting in issues related to aging populations, climate change, and migration levels. With that said, world leaders and high authorities are striving hard to settle these issues. Amid the unprecedented economic and political expansion, Economist Education presents this short six-week course to provide deep insights into global politics. In essence, it inspires you to gain an in-depth knowledge of US-China relations, including but not limited to their role in formulating political strategies, technology, economic relationships, and much more.The course duration is 6 weeks, with 6-8 hours per week. You can get this course at $1,828 US. Furthermore, upon completing this course, you will know how geopolitical strategies can affect businesses and how to steer your business in this era of disruption. It will enable you to analyze globalization and its future so that you can prepare strategies accordingly. Other perks you will get through this course are unlimited access to the 2U’s Career Engagement Network and the Economist Education alumni group on LinkedIn.

3. Chinese Politics part 1 (HKUST)

With the fast-growing economy of China impacting the whole dynamic of the world, you will dive into the economy and political situation of the country to know it better. Contrary to other developed states, China’s economy is highly influenced by its politics. This has both benefits and drawbacks. This course will cover the political setup of China and its interference in the country’s economic development. You will analyze the economic and political situation of the state and how it impacts the development of the country’s economy and its control in the world.

This course will also shed light on the fundamental driving factors of political views and thoughts among citizens, how leaders make policies for their people, and what China’s political future is. Will it convert into an entire democratic state, or will it stay as a single-party system in the future?

It is a 17-hour free course, and you can complete it as you like. It has flexible deadlines, and you get lecture notes and video-based course material.

4. Introduction to US-China Relation (Ryan Goh)

The US-China relationship is a hot topic in the whole world. With one being the superpower and the other rising as one, their decision and personal dealing affect all other countries in the block. If you just want to learn the basics of US-China relations without diving deep into details, this course by Udemy is for you. This is an introductory course that will help you have a better insight into US-China relations and the dynamics, conflicts, and political scenarios between them.

With this course, you will look into the issues among both powerful nations and the reasons causing the rift to go deeper—the economic war and the battle to lead in technology and how they counter each other. Moreover, it will help you analyze global affairs critically and look at how both countries are working on their end to improve the relations.

It’s 1.5 hr. course with 14 small discussions or lectures on US-China relations. You can get this course for free. However, the paid version of this course will get you a certificate of completion and direct question answers with instructors.

5. America through Foreign Eyes (Rice University)

America has been an inspirational source or pinnacle marker for all the developing and developed countries of the world. Now we will look at the US development and technological advancement from the perspective of foreign countries.

In this course, you will analyze the USA’s culture, economic policies, and political structure and how it influenced the other states of the world. This online course gives you a rich discussion on how other nations perceive America and the role of America’s policy in their country’s political stature and economic growth. How has Americanization impacted them, and what are their perceptions of the USA, its people, and culture?

One module named ‘’America through Chinese Eyes’’ highlights how the Chinese public, politicians, artists, and intellectuals see America and its culture. This module has four themes:

  • Democracy and Modernity
  • Globalization and Capitalism
  • Racism and Immigration
  • Intellectual and Cultural Life

This online course is 34 hours, but specifically, its module on US-China relations is 7 hours. You can enroll in this course for free and can get its paid version to get a certificate.


The US-China relationship is going to be one of the key drivers of the international politics in the 21st century. Professionals involved in leading strategies across industries, public policy, and government need to understand the world around them. Hopefully, these online courses in US-China relations will equip you with the knowledge and tools to plan effectively for your professional and organizational well-being.