Top 10 Masters in International Security Studies

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If you’re interested in a career in international security, then a master’s degree in international security studies could be a great option for you. This type of degree can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work in a variety of roles within the field of international security.

Master of Security Studies and Information Analysis – American University in the Emirates

The Master of Security Studies and Information Analysis is a special multidisciplinary degree that emphasizes experience over theory. It investigates and responds to current and emerging security and intelligence threats, as well as opportunities. Regionally and internationally, prospective students are given with a particular knowledge spectrum in elements of intelligence and data interpretation. Some of the core courses that are consisted in this course are: Intelligence and Security, Issues in Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Security Strategic Works, The Origins of Conflicts, Wars and Contemporary Threats to National and International Security, Research Methods and Homeland Security. Undergraduates (B.A. students) are encouraged to enroll to this educational framework that aligns also with UAE Vision 2030 defense resilience strategy.

MSc in International Security and Law – University of Southern Denmark

Over the last few decades, international conflicts and security challenges have shifted dramatically. Understanding and managing them necessitates the acquisition of new capabilities. This Master’s in Odense, Denmark program, taught by academic researchers who have spent time working at some of Europe’s leading universities, aims to assist graduates in developing these talents. The program will equip students with the necessary skills to incorporate a conflict’s political, juridical, and ethical dimensions in a comprehensive assessment that identifies the drivers of conflict and security issues, as well as what entities can do about them, based on the Center for War Studies’ world-class studies. Proficiency in English and any Nordic language might be required.

Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Mediterranean Security – University of Malta

The dual master’s program brings together the faculties of two prestigious academic establishments: George Mason University’s Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, the oldest and biggest graduate conflict studies program in the United States, and the University of Malta’s newly established Centre for the Study and Practice of Conflict Resolution (CSPCR), whose primary concerns include, among other things, dispute settlement procedures, human rights, justice and security. Those who complete this curriculum would be able to determine and evaluate the value commitments that support the work of both conflict researchers and conflict resolution practitioners, as well as recognize and measure the impact of culture and analyze concepts and methodologies. The course which is taking place in Valletta, Malta is 3 semesters long and students will obtain two degrees upon successful completion.

MA in International Security – Oxford Brookes University

This great course located in Headington, Oxford, UK intends to help students in specializing in a key part of world politics by covering both the conventional focus on national defense and more modern debates in a number of circumstances centered on human security. Students are encouraged to consider alternatives and to think about a variety of practices that influence our perceptions of security and insecurity. The combination of research and education is a critical indicator of the quality of the curriculum as a postgraduate program. As a result, the course also gives students a solid foundation in applicable research methodology. The degree can be taken both by full-time and a part-time students.

Master of Arts in Security Policy Studies – The George Washington University – Elliott School of International Affairs

Terrorism, global warming, hostile governments, and pandemics – all of the most serious global security crises require leaders who have the courage, education, and abilities to confront these difficult challenges and contribute to changes. SPS is a policy-oriented master’s degree program that focuses on global security concerns, with a concentration on contemporary security threats and how to respond to them. The curriculum gives students a solid foundation in homeland security, defense planning and international security organizations. Students can concentrate in one of four areas: US national security, transnational protection, conflict management, or technology and science. This master’s program in Washington, DC contains various formats and allows students to study either full-time or part-time.

MA in International Relations: International Security – University of Groningen

This great International Security course taking place in Groningen, Netherlands is great for every individual that has obtained a Bachelor’s degree and is interested in issues such as violence, global warming, societal and economic security, as well as power politics and diplomacy. The Master’s program in International Security also studies theoretical approaches and the aspects of today’s security initiative; it offers an analysis and strategy-based syllabus instructed by a dedicated faculty; contains a career-oriented layout that prepares students for the workforce; and offers great prepping for roles at a wide range of security-related and dispute-management organizations. The language of the Master’s program is in English and students are expected to study this subject for one year (12 months) in order to obtain 60 ECTS.

Master in International Geostrategy and Jihadist Terrorism – INISEG Instituto Internacional de Estudios en Seguridad Global & L’Università Telematica Pegaso

The International Institute of Studies on Global Security of Madrid, Spain, together with the Pegasus University of Italy offer university graduates a great curriculum developed in order to increase their grasp and knowledge in terrorism and international security. This master’s degree in International Geostrategic Studies is meant to offer a broad understanding of defense matters, public safety, defense policy, contemporary defense theory, disputes and international relations, intelligence agencies, jihadism and criminal organizations, military industry, and business. This is a multidisciplinary master’s degree that, apart from similar programs, takes a leadership and control strategy, encompassing notions, processes, and approaches required for the inclusion of safety, tactic, and operations of all types of organizations, with a particular focus on counterterrorism.

Master’s in International Security – George Mason University

The Master of Arts in International Security from George Mason University aims to equip students for the difficulties of current political insecurity. National security procedures should handle foreign concerns as a result of the globalized society. Graduates prepare for a career focused on mitigating exterior dangers to the country by emphasizing international relations and the techniques employed to preserve those relations. The concentration on international security issues and international relations concerns, distinguishes George Mason University from many other curricula. The degree course emphasizes the dangers of advanced technology and tourism, and it aims to mitigate them by teaching students suitable risk management tactics and diplomatic methods. On Mason’s Arlington, Virginia campus, International Security courses are taught in the afternoons, and graduates can enroll on a part-time or full-time basis.

International Security Studies (MA) – The University of Arizona

The International Security Studies program at the University of Arizona assists international students in preparing for jobs in administration, intelligence, world politics research, diplomatic service, as well as other disciplines connected to international relations. The University of Arizona’s International Security Studies credential is made up of four courses totaling 12 units. Conflict in the Middle East, global warming, Russian foreign affairs, American foreign policy, American national defense, international security, geopolitical economy, European security, terrorism and terror organizations, energy security, and Japanese and Chinese nationalism are just a few of the topics covered.

Master International and Security Politics – European School of Political and Social Sciences

The master’s degree in International and Security Politics examines significant international security challenges such as armed conflict, terrorism, environmental issues, and immigration. The complete course offers students a solid grasp of how governmental and non-governmental actors approach and attempt to fix these concerns, along with competence for evaluating contemporary forms of disagreement and hostility, both locally and globally, at the intersection of military strategy, economics, peacebuilding, and international relations. Additionally, upon successful completion of this program, students are presented with a vast number of career opportunities at NGO’s, Think Tanks, trade unions, EU organizations and institutions, OSCE and the public administration.