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M.A. in International Relations – Global Governance and Social Theory

The University of Bremen (German Universität Bremen) is a public university in Bremen, Germany, with a student body of around 23,500 students representing 115 countries. Bremen University is a campus university with 118 different majors to choose from. It has delivered 2,028 baccalaureate, 1,357 master’s, and 303 doctorate degrees in 2016.

The University of Bremen offers a Master of Arts in International Relations – Global Governance and Social Theory. Students that enroll in this program will be free from paying tuition fees. The living costs are excluded from this offer. The study of governance beyond the nation state is the core emphasis of the Global Governance and Social Theory curriculum. This research area is investigated from a political science standpoint, as well as in the context of long-term globalization processes and increased cross-border activities. The program lasts for 24 months (two years) and in order to accepted, prospective students are expected to fulfill a series of requirements, such as a document which proves that they have earned an equivalent of 180 credit points in Political Science, International Relations or Sociology. Prospective applicants should apply together with a GPA of 2.3 points or more, current CV, motivation letter and essay.

Students that finish this program will have in-depth knowledge in Theories, Issues and Changing Context of Global Governance, as well as skills in Methodology and Theorizing Social Order and Change.

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